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Proteintech Group

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At Proteintech we appreciate that you need antibodies you can trust.

Being able to trace every step of an antibody’s production gives you a significant advantage, even before you use it in your work; it helps to know how your antibody has been made and to what extent it has been validated. Proteintech Group can provide this information as we make every single one of the antibodies we sell, giving us complete control over their quality and validation.

Our validation process is one you can really trust as we use primary tissues and regular cell lysates to perform all of our validation western blots. We are so confident of this, we cover every antibody with our comprehensive 100% money back guarantee to give you 100% peace of mind when you buy from us.

$50 off your next polyclonal or monoclonal antibody order!
$50 off your next polyclonal or monoclonal antibody order!
Proteintech Group

Buy any polyclonal or monoclonal antibody from our extensive range of pre-made antibodies and for a limited time only receive a $50 discount!(T&C apply:...