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Creative BioMart Upgrades Its Protein Interaction Service

Creative BioMart Upgrades Its Protein Interaction Service

Supplier: Creative Biomart 17/12/2015


As a leader specialized in protein products and services providing, Creative BioMart recently updated its protein interaction services with the support of its long time experience and expert knowledge in protein interaction study. After this update, according to its official speaker, the service can help a wider range of scientists in the field.

“Whether our customers work in basic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agro-biotech field, we can all provide them with cutting-edge services to their study of protein interaction. This update mainly aims to make our service more customer-dedicated, thus allowing our our passionate scientists to share their expertise with more customers worldwide.” remarked Linna Green, the chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

Besides that, the company allocated more money and introduced advanced technologies to back its protein interaction study. Up to now, Creative BioMart has biophysical techniques like mass spectrometry, Surface Plasmon Resonance, X-ray Crystallography and High Throughput techniques like Library Screening, Degenerate Peptide Libraries, Yeast 2-Hybrid and Standard Techniques like Co-IPs, Phage Display, etc.

After the update, protein interaction services in Creative BioMart mainly include the following benefits: thorough expertise in protein-protein interactions, flexible offer adapted to the customer’s requirement, high-value scientific assistance as well as highly sensitive homogeneous assay.

Keep you eye on http://www.creativebiomart.net/Protein-Interaction.htm to see update about the protein interaction services in Creative BioMart.