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Creative BioMart Updated Its PEGylation Services Recently

Creative BioMart Updated Its PEGylation Services Recently

Supplier: Creative Biomart 22/10/2015


Shirley, New York-Creative BioMart, a world leading biotech company specialized in the supply of custom protein services, recently has updated its PEGylation Services with the latest technology, aiming to to provide its valued customers the best.

Common limits for therapeutic application of peptides and proteins are their chemical instability, their short residence time in blood and their tendency to promote an immunological response. However, most of those problems can be solved by linking one or more PEG molecules to these peptides and proteins (PEGylation). This is achieved, because of the combination of increased molecular weight and coverage of epitopes or blockage of sequences prone to enzymatic degradation. Furthermore, PEGylation can get the protein solubility in aqueous solutions enhanced.

“We have introduced PEG-CtrlTM, a novel site-selective PEGylation platform, using a proprietary efficient and cost-effective PEGylation chemistry that is suitable to various proteins, for this update. We can now perform the PEGylation service in a more professional and efficient way, providing the PEGylated products in a quite short period of time but with high quality at the same time.” said Linna Green, chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

“Time changes, and technology improved. We have to seize the opportunity for development and improvement. Providing with our customers all the best is always our goals.” commented the official speaker in Creative BioMart.

Upon those changes, PEGylation Service in Creative BioMart has more advantages: increased intellectual property value; site-specific modifications and linkers, Scaleable chemistry, etc.

Keep an eye on http://www.creativebiomart.net/pegylation-services.htm to see changes about PEGylation Services provided by Creative BioMart.