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Antigen Retrieval Became the Most Popular Service for the Returned Customers

Antigen Retrieval Became the Most Popular Service for the Returned Customers

Supplier: Creative Diagnostics 22/10/2015


October 19,NY,USA  According to the survey of Creative Diagnostics, antigen retrieval  became the most popular service for returned customers in last season. The result was collected from the sample survey which was conducted for the improvement of products and services. The interviewees were divided into new customers and returned customers and most of them gave their comments to our products and services.
The following are the specific data for this survey. About 20% of returned customers had tried the antigen retrieval service and about 16% of new customers had tried this service.

About 90% of  returned customers who had bought the service gave good comments to antigen retrieval and 80% of new customers gave their appraise. In addition, a ranking of the favor degree of the products and services was also conducted through this survey. Antigen retrieval ranked top in returned customers and antigen protein ranked top in new customers. Marketing manger takes this result for granted especially for the fact that antigen retrieval have got a wide range of appraise from returned customers. He believes that it owes to the good quality and wide application.

In some experiments, the action of chemical reagents closes antigens and the peptide chains of some antigens wraps because of the heat action.Antigen retrieval aims to uncover the closed antigens and correct the antigens by the chemical reagents and the heat action. Creative Diagnostics focuses on the performance of and extraction of antigens/proteins from FFPE tissue and IHC on FFPE tissues for these two play an important role in clinical experiments. It is known that the success of antigen retrieval requires the fixed section, sufficient antigen retrieval buffers and appropriate temperature.

According to the returned customers, they expressed that these three requirements were met and it was beyond the requirements. The tissue sections is fixed by formalin and is embedded by paraffin. As for the temperature, the high-temperature heating protocol of Creative Diagnostics is utilized to serve the antigen retrieval. In addition, Creative Diagnostics offers the customers a variety of methods to antigen retrieval including proteolytic-induced epitope retrieval (PIER), AR and eat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER).

It is appreciated that antigen retrieval can get much recognition and support from the returned customers.Creative Diagnostics will keep updating this service and launching more new products and services for customers. If you are interested in the antigen retrieval, you can visit http://www.creative-diagnostics.com/antigen-retrieval-based-services.htm to know more.