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Peroxidase Conjugated Rat IgG SABC Kit

Cat no: SA1025

Supplier: Boster Immunoleader
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Catalogue number: SA1025
Price: $100.00
Applications: Immunohistochemistry, Immunohistochemistry - frozen
Size: 1 kit
Format: 1. Normal rabbit serum blocking reagent: 12 ml, for the block of tissue sections. 2. Biotinylated Secondary Antibody (Rabbit Anti-rat IgG): 12ml (10ug/ml). Affinity purified antibody, labeled with
P type: Ready to use (No dilution needed)
Storage temp: 4 degree C for one year. Avoid freezing
Additional info: Rat IgG refers to the animal origin of the primary antibody, not the origin of the specimen. This kit must be used on primary antibodies from rat.