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Mouse Mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule 1 (MADCAM1) ELISA Kit

Cat no: KTE71144

Supplier: Abbkine Scientific Co.Ltd.
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Addressin is an extracellular protein of the endothelium of venules. Addressins are the ligands to the homing receptors of lymphocytes.The task of these ligands and their receptors is to determine which tissue the lymphocyte will enter next. The carry carbohydrates in order to be recognized by L-selectin. The predicted amino acid sequence defines the mucosal addressin as a novel immunoglobulin family member with 2 N-terminal domains that display strong homology to previously described vascular adhesion receptors for leukocytes: ICAM1 and VCAM1. The membrane proximal domain is homologous to the third domain of another mucosa-associated member of the immunoglobulin family, namely, IgA0 .
Catalogue number: KTE71144
Reactivities: Mouse
Applications: ELISA
Size: 48T, 96T, 96T*5, 96T*50
Accession: Q61826
Gene: 17123
Additional info: Mouse Mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule 1 (MADCAM1) ELISA Kit has high sensitivity and excellent specificity for detection of Mouse MADCAM1. No significant cross-reactivity or interference between Mouse MADCAM1 and analogues was observed.

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