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Mouse Lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor (LSR) ELISA Kit

Cat no: KTE71158

Supplier: Abbkine Scientific Co.Ltd.
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LSR is a multimeric protein complex in the liver that undergoes conformational changes upon binding of free fatty acids, thereby revealing a binding site (s) that recognizes both apoB and apoE. Complete inactivation of the LSR gene is embryonic lethal in mice.LSR cooperates with the LDL receptor in the final hepatic processing of apoB-containing lipoproteins and represents a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of hyperlipidemia associated with obesity and atherosclerosis. The lipolysis-stimulated receptor (LSR) is a lipoprotein receptor primarily expressed in the liver and activated by free fatty acids. Antibodies inhibiting LSR functions showed that the receptor is a heterotrimer or tetramer consisting of 68-kDa (alpha) and 55-kDa (beta) subunits associated through disulfide bridges.
Catalogue number: KTE71158
Reactivities: Mouse
Applications: ELISA
Size: 48T, 96T, 96T*5, 96T*50
Accession: Q99KG5
Gene: 54135
Additional info: Mouse Lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor (LSR) ELISA Kit has high sensitivity and excellent specificity for detection of Mouse LSR. No significant cross-reactivity or interference between Mouse LSR and analogues was observed.

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